Superdeck 4.2m Retractable Loading Platform System


Dimensions: Length: 8500mm
Width: 4200mm
Height: 1202mm

Safe Working Load (SWL): 5000kg

The Superdeck 4.2m Retractable Loading Platform System is a retractable loading platform system ideally positioned vertically, one above the other, for fast delivery of building materials directly to the designated floor of a multi-level building. The average 5 story building requires 3-4 Superdecks while larger, 50 story buildings may need up to 30 SuperDecks.
  1. Elevate Efficiency: Introducing the Superdeck 4.2m Retractable Loading Platform System, meticulously designed for vertical positioning, streamlining the rapid delivery of construction materials directly to any floor of multi-level buildings.

  2. Streamlined Material Delivery: Experience unparalleled efficiency with the Superdeck 4.2m, featuring vertically aligned loading platforms for seamless transportation of building materials to designated floors within multi-story structures.

  3. Vertical Convenience Redefined: Revolutionize your material logistics with the Superdeck 4.2m Retractable Loading Platform System, offering convenient vertical placement for swift and direct delivery of building materials.

  4. Precision Vertical Transport: Optimize your construction operations with the Superdeck 4.2m, ensuring precise and efficient movement of goods between floors of multi-story buildings.

  5. Scalable Solutions: From mid-sized structures to towering skyscrapers, the Superdeck 4.2m provides scalable solutions tailored to meet the vertical transportation needs of any construction, with 3-4 units typically required for a 5-story building and up to 30 units for larger 50-story structures.

  6. Innovative Vertical Access: Unlock innovative material transport solutions with the Superdeck 4.2m, facilitating seamless access to designated floors within multi-level buildings for enhanced productivity.

  7. Elevated Performance: Maximize your construction efficiency with the Superdeck 4.2m, offering superior performance in vertical material transport to streamline your building operations.

  8. Vertical Mobility Mastery: Experience unmatched vertical mobility with the Superdeck 4.2m, engineered to deliver efficient and reliable material handling solutions for multi-level constructions.

  9. Multi-Level Material Movement: Simplify your material logistics with the Superdeck 4.2m, featuring vertically positioned loading platforms that ensure efficient movement of construction materials across multiple levels of a building.

  10. Vertical Transport Excellence: Achieve excellence in material transport with the Superdeck 4.2m, optimizing your construction workflow by delivering goods vertically with precision and speed.

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